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I finished writing Wrath.

It’s the fourth and final book in the Faithful and the Fallen series. A bittersweet experience. Exciting to finally reach scenes that I’ve been thinking about for around twelve years, but also sad in a way, saying goodbye to characters that I’ve known for such a long time. It was a marathon write,  with a final battle that seemed to keep on growing, and I must confess that I had to stop writing at a certain scene as tears were blurring my vision.

It’s gone down well with my sons and my editor, which is usually a good sign. Edward cried!

It’s the biggest of the four, weighing in at 289,578 words, 991 manuscript pages. I expect my editor Julie Crisp will trim it down a little, though, and give it a good polish along the way.

I don’t have a definite publication date, but I’ve been told towards the end of 2016. I’ll be posting updates on that.

Can’t wait for you all to read it.


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