WRATH publication day

The Day of Wrath is finally here.


WRATH is published today, 17th November, in the UK. It’s a special moment for me, with a surreal, dream-come-true quality about it.

I began the journey of writing the Faithful and the Fallen over fourteen years ago, and now the last book in the series is being published. It’s a wonderful feeling, though bittersweet as well, saying goodbye to a cast of characters that have been part of my life for so many years.

I’ll be signing copies of WRATH and anything else you put in front of my pen at Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore, at 4.00pm on Saturday 19th November. Afterwards all are invited to join me for a pint and informal chat at a pub nearby. It would be great to see you there.


The Quill and Claw have a limited run of signed copies of WRATH. Each book can be personalised with a specific quote, message and or sketch:


You can purchase Wrath from all of the usual suspects:



I’ll just wait now with baited breath and hope that you all enjoy WRATH.

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