I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog for a while – been knuckling down to book 3 – deadline looming and all that. Really enjoying writing it and it feels like it’s coming together nicely.

Valour has been out for a couple of months now and it’s been lovely to see it go down so well – a big thank-you to all those that have taken the time to review it online or send me private emails, I’m very grateful to you all for taking the time.

My editor at Tor UK, the wonderful Julie Crisp, contacted me yesterday with a fun idea. This is what she said:

I’m looking for reviews to use in the paperback of John Gwynne’s VALOUR from readers and fans who have loved this and/or MALICE. If you’ve read and enjoyed please do send me your review. Just be warned – I may use it (and your name) in the book! 

You can contact Julie through facebook or twitter – links below:

(1) Julie Crisp

          Julie Crisp ‏@julieacrisp           

So there you have it – if you’ve read and enjoyed Valour and or Malice, and feel inclined to post a short review to her, then it might see its way into getting into the paperback version of Valour released later in the year. Sounds cool to me.

All the best everyone,


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