The David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy




Voting on the longlists for the David Gemmell Awards For Fantasy is open. There are three categories and I am so pleased to see that Ruin has been nominated for the Legend Award, which is for the best fantasy novel of 2015.

David Gemmell has been a great influence upon my own writing, Legend being the first book that I stayed up all night to read.  I just had to know what would happen next. So to see a book of mine on a list with David Gemmell’s name at the top, it makes me feel both privileged and also like a big kid again.

The Gemmell Awards are a readers vote, which make it all the more special.

Also, the Legend Award is the coolest prize in fantasy  – a replica of Druss’ famous axe, Snaga! SNAGA!

If you’ve read Ruin and you think it deserves a vote then that would be brilliant, and much appreciated. The link is below. Only a couple of clicks…

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