Music in the Banished Lands

The awesomely talented Will Musser, composer of much cool stuff – including American Horror Story and Homecoming – emailed me a while ago, saying that he’d really enjoyed the Faithful and the Fallen, and that he’d like to write some music for it. I was blown away by this. For me music is an essential part of writing. Headphones and a playlist is how I get myself into that writing place. I’m always searching for music that feels evocative of a mood and place, a way of transporting my mind into the Banished Lands. Without those playlists I’m not sure how my writing would turn out, or whether I could write at all. So, when a composer gets in touch and wants to write a piece of music entitled The Banished Lands, well, I was as excited as a Viking in an axe shop to hear how he imagined the Banished Lands to sound.

Will asked me about music I liked to listen to while I was writing, and specifically anything that I felt evoked a sense of the Banished Lands to me. Then he came up with something all his own. Here’s what Will had to say about writing his piece of music for the Banished Lands.

“Reading The Faithful and the Fallen was like watching a movie, which is what a novel should accomplish in my opinion. I felt like I was there, in the Banished Lands. There is so much material in there that inspired this piece of music, so I tried to tie to all into one cue. With the inspiration the story provided, and some feedback from John himself, hopefully I created something worthy to be apart of the world of the Banished Lands.”

I feel honoured that Will would be inspired by something I’ve written, and blown away by what he has created.

Although my hopes and expectations were high, they were absolutely surpassed, Will has put together something that I think captures the heart of the Banished Lands. Raw, brutal, melancholy, epic.

I love it.

Here it is, playing over a slideshow that my son Edward has put together.

I hope you like it…


And here’s the youtube page for it, if you’re interested…The Banished Lands


12 thoughts on “Music in the Banished Lands

  1. I would love for a full album of Banished Lands inspired music! With such a complex and immersive series there is a lot of inspiration for music.

    • Great to hear that. I’d love to hear more music inspired by the Banished Lands, too. That might be happening soon, keep an eye on the website for updates, or feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

    • Book 3 is titled A Time of Courage. It’s written, going through edits and will be published in April 2019. Hope that helps.

  2. Great music, so all we need now is the tv series and its done !
    The Faithful and the Fallen could be the next Game of Thrones !
    Best of luck.

    • I couldn’t agree more Garry! So glad you like the music. I’ll keep dreaming about the TV series/film. You never know, some dreams do come true.

    • I write to this piece of music all the time, now, Nick. It’s great for setting a mood and tone, and is all over my ‘Battles in the Banished lands’ playlist.

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