I Will Read Books Celebration

‘I Will Read Books’ is a great genre blog run by a passionate reader, Erik Lundqvist. To celebrate his blog reaching 50,000 page views he is doing a book giveaway, and has chosen Malice for the honour. So anyone fancy a free copy of Malice, head on over to


and check out the blog while you’re there. It’s full of interesting reviews and articles.

2 thoughts on “I Will Read Books Celebration

  1. Hi, I just finished reading Malice this morning and just browsing around prior to writing a review myself, I came across this…

    I actually won this giveaway and so am the proud owner of a beautiful hardback copy of Malice. Pretty as it is, I wouldn’t have bought it myself, preferring to go for paperbacks when they’re as cheap as I can find them, especially for authors I’m not familiar with.

    I’m very pleased therefore to have won, as not having a copy of Malice in my collection would be a shame. It’s a great book and a massively promising debut. You can be sure I’ll be buying the follow up in hardback to match!

    Thanks for such an enjoyable read, I look forward to reading more when more’s released 🙂

    • Hi Dominic,

      Thanks for dropping by, and congratulations on winning your copy of Malice over at I Will Read Books. Erik runs a great blog, and I’m sure that he’ll be pleased to hear that you enjoyed the book. It is nice to hear some feedback.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed reading Malice, and thank you for taking the time to let me know. It is much appreciated.

      All the very best,


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