The David Gemmell Awards – voting open

Voting on the longlists for the David Gemmell Awards For Fantasy is open. There are three categories and I am so pleased to see that Wrath has been nominated for two of them: the Legend Award, which is for the best fantasy novel of 2016, and the Ravenheart for best cover art.
David Gemmell has been a great influence upon my own writing, so to see a book of mine on a list with David Gemmell’s name at the top makes me feel both privileged and also like a big kid again.
The Gemmell Awards are a readers vote (and that means you), which make it all the more special.
If you’ve read Wrath and you think it deserves a vote then that would be brilliant, and much appreciated. And if Wrath wasn’t your favourite book of 2016 please still head over and vote for one the other many awesome titles on the Longlist – the main thing is that you vote, as the Gemmell’s are run by a selfless team of volunteers and hugely deserving of support. The link is below. Only a couple of clicks…

Award Voting 2017