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Great news today – Orbit US have acquired the rights to publish Malice and its as yet untitled sequel in the USA. A great way to start the new year.

Here’s the press release.



Harriet Sanders, Rights Director at Macmillan, has sold US rights in two novels by new UK fantasy novelist John Gwynne – MALICE and its untitled sequel – to  Tom Bauman of Orbit US, who said: ‘I am such a fan of Gwynne’s rich world-building and brisk storytelling. MALICE has everything a fantasy novel needs – action, human interest, and a great sense of wonder.’

World rights in these titles were acquired pre-emptively by Julie Crisp at Tor UK from agent John Jarrold for a major advance.  MALICE was published in the UK in December 2012, and the sequel has just been delivered.  Orbit US plan to publish MALICE in autumn 2013.

SFX said, of MALICE:

‘It’s exciting when you find a strong new voice ringing out through the halls of fantasy, and John Gwynne hits all the right spots in his epic tale of good vs evil, the first in the Faithful & The Fallen series… Gwynne is definitely one to watch.’

Fantasy Book Critic said:

‘With three-dimensional characters, a gripping plot, and a world that became real to me, John Gwynne’s Malice is a great debut. In short, this is the kind of fantasy I love to read and I truly can’t wait for the next volume in The Faithful and the Fallen!’

Contact Harriet Sanders or John Jarrold for further information:

Harriet Sanders – e-mail:   phone 020 7014 6148

John Jarrold: e-mail:  phone: 01522 510544.

9th January 2013


As you can imagine I’m really chuffed about this. I’ll be raising a glass tonight to Orbit, John Jarrold and the team at Tor UK who have all been involved in making this deal happen. The dream just keeps on growing. Still pinching myself.

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  1. Amazing book. I just finished it and I am still breathing hard. It was breathtaking and I am seriously thinking about reading it again now. It was that good.

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